Give Your Child


a Bigger World

For English-speaking children, there’s no easier second language to learn than Spanish.


It’s easier than you think.


Hundreds of words are the same in both English and Spanish.


Animal, hospital, actor, color and doctor mean the same things in English and Spanish; they’re just pronounced a little differently.


 According to the experts, the process of learning a new language allows children to work on their memory skills, problem solving abilities and reading skills. 


Decades of research have suggested that children are more likely to acquire a native-sounding accent if language learning takes place prior to adolescence.


Children are very good at mimicking the sounds that they hear, and so when it comes to repeating these words and phrases, they often end up sounding much more fluent than someone who learned the language as they got older.


At  SOLYMAR,  your children will enjoy learning Spanish. *



* we teach children from 8 yo -

 children's lessons take only 45 minutes and  include games, videos and songs